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Redesigning the houseboat: an eco-minded floating apartment

Property & Construction

There’s something compelling about the notion of a floating work space, which is why we covered WaterSpace’s H2Office earlier this year. Now, given that product’s appeal, it’s not entirely surprising to see the company working on a Floating Studio Flat as well. Currently in the design stage, WaterSpace’s Floating Studio Flat will be a one-bedroom studio apartment that’s intended for use primarily in inland waterways. With a wet room, kitchen, bedroom and an upper sun/drinks deck, the Floating Studio Flat will feature all the amenities of home in a variety of floor plans. Optional extra like integrated solar panels and a wind turbine, meanwhile, will make the flat almost self-sufficient. Pricing will start at GBP 79,950, and buyers will be able to have a hand in completing their home’s design, Welsh WaterSpace says. Particularly in coastal areas with high prices and tight housing markets, shifting some of the burden onto the waterways could make good sense. One to get involved in early? (Related: Low costs and green creds at budget modular hotel.)



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