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Remote computer support for senior citizens

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We’ve been following for some time now the need for a little extra coaching to get some older consumers up to speed on now-ubiquitous technologies such as the smartphone. That’s the raison d’être for Dutch Bellendoejezo, for example, and it’s also the impetus behind the FloH Club, a new service innovated by actress Florence Henderson. Targeting seniors, the FloH Club offers telephone computer support around the clock. Users begin by signing up with one of the FloH Club’s three membership plans—prices range from USD 24.99 per month to USD 249.99 per year. Any time a technology issue arises, support staff members in the United States or Canada are on hand to help. Whether it’s a problem on Facebook, Skype, instant messaging or an e-commerce site, FloH’s North America-based technicians can access the computer remotely and make the technology work, with or without personalized training along the way. Powered by, the FloH Club’s services cover Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, as well as most standard Microsoft applications and Mozilla Firefox version 2 or later. Not supported are Mac OS, Linux or older versions of Windows; internet access must be available. Currently, the FloH Club offers support only to residents of the United States and Canada; one to partner with or emulate in other parts of the world….? Spotted by: Bill McMahon



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