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Flower lollipops

Flower lollipop can be planted once eaten


A new line of floral-infused lollipops includes biodegradable sticks with seeds that can be planted.

We have already seen novel ways of using recyclable packaging, such as biodegradable six-pack rings made from wheat and barley, and food packaging that incorporates living plant roots so fruit and vegetables can continue ripening until they’re ready to eat. Now, an organic food company has developed a series of floral lollipops with seeds embedded in the sticks – ready to be planted once the lollipop is eaten. Amborella Organics created lollipops in flavours such as peach and marigold, vanilla and hibiscus, and sage and marshmallow. Then, they embedded heirloom seeds in the sticks corresponding to the plant used in flavouring the lollipop. The sticks themselves are biodegradable, and made from recycled paper. Once done licking, users simply plant the stick in the ground or in a pot, and wait for the seeds to grow.

All of the ingredients used are made from organic flowers and herbs and natural dyes. Amborella co-owners Brennan Clarke and Taylor Morgan were inspired by a mutual desire to bring people of all ages “back to the garden” and encourage a love of the outdoors. Clarke came up with the idea when reminiscing about the time he spent as a child with his grandmother in her garden and wanted to help others to create similar memories.

The lollipops are available from Amborella and selected retailers. They cost USD 6.75 each when purchased individually, but can be bought in bundles of up to 48 at a considerable savings. The company are also launching a kit that includes lollipops, a pot, and soil. Can food products that encourage gardening help people to develop a greater love of nature?




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