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Foldable hotel rooms pop up as needed

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We’ve covered pop-up and recyclable hotels on a few occasions already, and now a new French company has come up with a foldable hotel room designed for use at large, temporary events. Founded in late 2007, Abilmo offers temporary hotel rooms 12 square meters in size with wood flooring, wood furniture and private bathrooms including toilet, shower and hot water. Featuring cloth-hung ceilings and low-voltage lighting, the units also offer thermal and acoustic insulation along with individual heating and air-conditioning. The French-made rooms are instantly available to create a pop-up hotel for use inside or outside at such events as festivals, seminars and sports events lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Just 4.40m x 2.38m x 4.68m in size when folded, they require no crane to erect—Abilmo’s staff can set up as many as 25 per day. Both interiors and exteriors can be customized to reflect any corporate image, and extra services such as catering, network video and extra security are also available. Given how often the demand for hotel rooms outstrips supply at events around the world, this one’s virtually guaranteed to find an appreciative market among events organizers, stadiums and hotels themselves. One to partner with in your neck of the woods? Spotted by: Déborah Bianchetto



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