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Urban farming | Photo source Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Food packaging system offers consumers the history of their herbs


An urban farming company is using QR codes in food packaging to offer consumers the chance to learn the history of the herbs they are eating.

Spotted: Innovations have helped improve the efficiency and operations of food production in various ways. Springwise has already spotted a startup using blockchain and IoT to improve transparency on food supply chains. In addition, this autonomous farm uses robots to produce food. An indoor farm in Brooklyn is now working to improve transparency with consumers, regarding the food they eat.

Square Roots is an urban farm that prides itself on producing premium quality, pesticide-free, non-GMO herbs in its indoor, vertical farming facility. With their modular system, Square Roots believes they can avoid the spread of disease and food contamination. Such problems often crop up with traditional farm products. They produce basil, sage, chives, and mint. A recent development in their business is to also introduce a new food packaging system. This system offers consumers a comprehensive history of each product. By scanning a QR code or typing in a log number, customers can see the full history of where and how the herb in question grew, along with who grew it.

Future versions of the transparency timeline could also add further information about the product. For example, the specific climate the herb grew in or recycling information relevant to the packaging.



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