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Food store for kids


Busy moms and dads who want to provide their children with nutritious organic fare, but don’t have the time or wherewithal to whip up all their meals from scratch, will love the Kidfresh concept. A children’s food store, designed by a team that includes an award-winning chef and dietician as well as a pediatric nutritionist, New York-based Kidfresh offers prepared “Grab + Go” meals or “Mix + Match” selections that cater to four different age groups, ranging from baby to age 10. Food boxes are colour-coded according to age, and contain breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, priced from USD 4.95 – USD 7.25 per meal. The company’s founder wanted to create a Whole Foods for children, offering kids the same variety in prepared foods as Whole Foods does for adults. All menu items are made with fresh, all-natural and mostly organic ingredients, and represent a variety of food groups, with an emphasis on fibre, fruits and vegetables. Portion sizes are age-appropriate, and, keeping in mind the interests of young eaters, Kidfresh serves food in fun shapes and colours. Menu items include Organic Yogurt Parfait with Pureed Strawberries, Honey BBQ Chicken & Cheese Wrap, Piggy-Tail Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Turkey Meatballs, and Honey Graham Stix with Yogurt Pineapple Dip. The store, located at 1628 2nd Avenue in New York, is extremely child-friendly, aiming to involve kids in the food buying process. Children can enter through a special doorway, and gather their groceries in pint-sized carts. Kidfresh also offers cooking classes and other events to encourage children to get into the “Kidchen” and take an interest in healthy eating. An in-store counter serves ice-cream, fruit kebabs and Parents can also shop online for Kidfresh meals or groceries. With rising concerns about childhood obesity, health- and weight-conscious parents are likely to be a profitable market to tap into. Our recent items on pre-packed healthy lunches and fresh and frozen gourmet baby food are further evidence of this trend. Spotted by: Paulo Vischi



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