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Yet another smart cameraphone inspired idea: consumers keeping track of everything they eat (and getting feedback), by taking pictures and sending them to their own registered dietician.

MyFoodPhone and Nutrax are LIFE CACHING based diet services: with their cameraphones, users take pictures of everything they eat, and send them to their own Registered Dietician. Once a week, on a personalized web page where customers keep track of their weight and other biometric information, they’ll get video feedback from their dietician, who analyzes their nutritional intake and advises them on how to modify their eating habits. MyFoodPhone charges customers about USD 99 (EUR 79/GBP 53.70) a month for the service, while Nutrax offers a few cheaper options. In their own words: “Much more fun – and motivating – than pen and paper food journaling!”


Cameraphones are ubiquitous and inseparable now, picture quality is increasingly outstanding (2MP is fast becoming the standard in Europe, while in Asia, 5MP is widespread), and subsequently consumers are getting used to taking pictures of everything and anything, all the time. All of this is a golden opportunity for you to dream up services involving experts helping consumers make the best of something based on the instant pics (or audio, or video; there’s little that modern cell phones can’t capture) they’re submitting: think fashion, think medical, think diets, think DIY… Definitely warrants a brain storming session with your more mobile-oriented friends or colleagues!


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