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Easy photo sales, directly from anyone's blog

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Cash-strapped consumers are increasingly looking to their spare rooms, their backyards and even their furniture for ways to earn some extra money. Now they can offer up their photos for sale as well thanks to Fotomoto. Currently in invitation-only beta, Fotomoto enables anyone with photographic content to sell their photos directly from their website or blog. A single line of code is all it takes to add the customisable Fotomoto toolbar, which analyzes the site’s web pages, adds a “Buy” button to each photo for sale and enables viewers to purchase and pay for photos on the spot or send them as free e-cards. Fotomoto handles all order processing and then prints, packages and ships the purchased photos to customers. Its control panel, meanwhile, allows users to set the pricing and availability of their photos, manage their orders and even track analytics data such as how many times a particular photo has been viewed or sent as an e-card. There is no subscription fee for using the service; Fotomoto simply deducts the cost of each print sold plus a 15 percent transaction charge from each order amount, sending the rest on to the user. Photographers in 25 different countries are already using San Francisco-based Fotomoto, which will soon be able to handle transactions in local currencies as well, it says. International shipping is also available. Greeting cards, postcards, calendars and signed prints are coming soon. Creative consumers have long enjoyed being rewarded for their efforts, but the global recession has added a new level of urgency, spurring what our sister site calls sellsumers to hawk everything from their storage space to their online profiles in their quest to stay afloat. Those who help them do that, of course, will see their own ships rise as well! 😉 Spotted by: TechCrunch



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