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In France, fragrance is made with slimming ingredients to aid weight loss

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Perfume-maker Velds has now come up with the first fragrance which they claim aids weight loss in the form of PRENDS-MOI.

People are forever looking for convenient ways to achieve a slimmer figure – something that startups such as Thinnerview and WeightNag can attest to. However, French perfume-maker Velds has now come up with the first fragrance that aids weight loss in the form of PRENDS-MOI. Designed at the Parisian perfume house Robertet, the product contains a ‘feel-good’ chemical that creates a sense of pleasure and wellbeing in the wearer, according to the company, which reduces stress and hinders compulsive eating habits. The main ingredient in PRENDS-MOI is Betaphroline, which reacts with keratinocyte cells in the skin to release beta-endorphins that aid positive emotions. The fragrance also uses caffeine, carnitine and spirulina extract to activate enzymes involved in the breaking down of fat in the body. The company suggests rubbing the perfume onto the areas of the body that the wearer wants to slim for the best effect. As well as providing therapy for slimmers, the fragrance was also designed to offer an attractive odour, with notes of “bergamot, jasmine, ylang-ylang and freshly picked lilac”. One 100ml bottle is priced at EUR 42. While the jury may be out on how effective the product is at helping its users lose weight, the company claims some 75 percent of women who used the perfume for 28 days said it limited their urges to snack.



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