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Suitcase wrapping

Free luggage wrapping service used as advertising

Travel & Tourism

Samsonite wrapped more than 1,200 suitcases in one day in Spain’s Palma airport for passengers agreeing to display a large "I Wish I Had A Samsonite" sign.

For a time-limited, unexpected and funny advertising campaign, Samsonite opened a one-day Samsowrap stall in Spain’s Palma airport. For passengers travelling with any suitcase other than a Samsonite, the company offered to wrap their luggage for free. The catch was that each suitcase had to display a large sign declaring “I Wish I Had A Samsonite.”

Luggage wrapping improves the strength of a suitcase by encasing it in protective plastic, and Samsonite estimates that the stall wrapped more than 1,200 pieces of luggage in one day. As travellers left for their flights, the company’s message reached more than 120 different destinations.

Finding new ways to spread marketing messages is an age-old challenge, with many companies now enlisting technology as part of the creative solutions. In Japan, a real estate listings company helped provide hermit crabs with new, branded homes. And an app that uses assistive language AI helps companies improve their social media campaigns. Where else might unexpected marketing be particularly interesting?



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