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Free-standing smart home: portable and eco-friendly

Property & Construction

Estonian design company Kodasema’s square KODA home is assembled in seven hours and includes LED lights, solar panels and smart fixtures.

Smart, flexible living spaces like a worldwide lease and architectural robotics used in micro-homes are helping people globally live more comfortably with smaller environmental footprints. Estonian design company Kodasema has created a customizable mobile home that takes only seven hours to assemble. The 269-square-foot-cube can be set up on any level surface and requires only water, electrical and sewage connection points. No costly foundations are needed.

Each KODA contains rooftop solar panels that produce more power than the structure uses, allowing owners to earn money by selling power back to the grid. Large windows and quadruple glazing maximize heat and light, and many components can be customized to best fit the purpose of the building. The team behind the KODA believes the only limit to the use of the structure is the owner’s imagination.

With land ownership at an international premium, owners of free-standing homes may be able to avoid the financial pressure of buying property and paying for complicated building permits. How could land stewardship organizations work with owners of portable homes to help alleviate the world’s housing crisis?



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