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Free holiday love in Manila

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If ever there was a time of year made for free love, it’s the holiday season. Apparently the same thought recently occurred to Manila cafe chain Delifrance, because this year it has launched a citywide Secret Santa campaign through which Filipinos can send each other special holiday treats–for free. Two delectable Delifrance treats have been available for the giving this season: Almond Star Cookies, which were available from Nov. 10 through 23, and now Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti, which will run through Dec. 7. To send treats, Filipinos need only enter friends’ names and email addresses. Each friend is then sent an email with a special coupon that’s redeemable at participating Delifrance cafes throughout metro Manila. There is no limit on the number of friends each user can treat in this way. Free love is always a fairly sure way to win consumer goodwill, but when you give it away without limits during the holidays–and in tough economic times? Hard to imagine that could be outdone by anyone other than Kris Kringle himself! How could your brand create some free holiday cheer…? Contact: Delifrance at 642-0021 Spotted by: Bong via Matthew Cua


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