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Free Obama-themed coffee love for UK consumers

Food & Drink

As the inauguration of Barack Obama draws nearer, global fascination with the US president-elect is reaching a fever pitch. To wit: across the Atlantic, doughnut purveyor Krispy Kreme UK this week is giving out free Americano coffees emblazoned with Obama’s image. To take advantage of the promotion, which runs through Friday, customers need only enter a participating Krispy Kreme UK shop and say, “Yes we can” to its barista. They’ll then walk away with a free Americano coffee sporting Obama’s image in the foam—created using an intricately designed coffee stencil made specially for the occasion. Most Krispy Kreme UK stores are participating, with the exception of those at the major airports and in Waterloo. As the world watches the changing of the guard in the United States, it’s probably safe to say the majority view it as a change for the better. What better way to celebrate than with a shot of sympvertising in some strong, hot free love…? 😉 Correction: the coffee art won’t be available on Americanos in-store as the art created is a one-off to highlight the campaign. Customers can claim their free Americano until Friday but unfortunately it won’t have Obama’s face on it.



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