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Free paper cups for office coffee drinkers

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If free notebooks and notepaper are both effective ways to get a message in front of college students’ eyes, what would be the closest equivalent for office workers? The ubiquitous coffee cup seems like a pretty good guess, and it’s also precisely the medium used in the latest round of free love with advertising. FreePaperCups provides just that to corporate customers across the US through an arrangement with both advertisers and suppliers. Specifically, operating through an exclusive national network of office coffee service providers, FreePaperCups works with advertisers to provide the cups to companies for free in exchange for branding them with sponsors’ messages. The result? Advertisers get their brands in front of consumers and business decision makers in offices, conference rooms, break rooms and corporate dining facilities across the nation; companies get to eliminate the expense of buying the cups themselves; and participating coffee services get to offer more competitive pricing. Once again, free love is a win-win-win for everyone involved. One to continue emulating whenever, wherever possible! 😉 (Related: Free love at the food courtMore free photocopying, this time for charity.) Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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