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Green living | Photo source Annie Spratt on Unsplash

French app wants to gamify green living

Agriculture & Energy

The app uses challenges and rewards to encourage people to conserve energy, gas and water

Spotted: The French startup Energic has created an app that encourages schools and businesses to reduce their energy consumption. Teams earn points and rewards by playing games and completing challenges to consume less electricity, gas and water. The app also rewards users for their ideas on reducing energy.

The most active teams receive eco-friendly prizes, like planting trees or a foosball kit made from recycled cardboard. Energic can also monitor the energy, gas and water usage of a team’s building and offers tips on how to consume less. The company says that over 100 teams have participated in Energic challenges so far. It recently raised €500k from the CA Nord de France fund and plans to use it to expand internationally in 2020.




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