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Buying drinks for friends via email, SMS or Facebook

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We’ve watched with great interest the growing number of ways consumers can give each other real-world gifts via electronic channels. Much the way GetThemIn lets Facebook users buy each other real beers and Giiv lets people surprise each other with a variety of tokens of affection, so German frinXX lets consumers treat individuals or groups of friends to a real-life drink at the bar. The brainchild of German sixunity, frinXX gives consumers a way to buy a round of drinks for those they care about, even if they’re not present at the bar themselves. How it works? Users begin by visiting the frinXX site or logging in via its Facebook app. They then choose the amount they’d like to spend along with the venue, and pay via PayPal, iPayment, ClickandBuy or immediate transfer. From there they’re given a code that can be sent to one or more recipients via email, SMS or Facebook, along with an optional personal message. Shown to the bartender, that code serves as payment for the designated sum at the bar. It’s interesting to note that competitor GetThemIn is working on similar capabilities to enable gift redemption right at the bar, according to its website. How can your brand help friends show each other a little immediate, real-world appreciation? (Related: Curated recommendations help customers choose the perfect giftOnline ‘grab bag’ lets Twitter users thank their followers with gifts.) Spotted by: Jan



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