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From Brooklyn, a curated source of locally made gifts


With Love, From Brooklyn curates and sells a variety of gift items made in its locality.

We’ve been writing for years about the power of local roots to give a product extra appeal, and recently we came across another notable example. Similar in many ways to the likes of A Vida Portuguesa and Canadian Blank, With Love, From Brooklyn is a company that curates and sells a variety of gift items that are made in its locality. Edibles, locally illustrated prints and cards, and even the locally derived Brooklyn Cruiser bicycle are available through With Love, From Brooklyn, which aims “to showcase the genius of local food artisans and artists,” in the company’s own words. Featuring in the site’s “Locally Grown” gift package, for instance, are a curated selection of items including locally grown, organic produce such as Saucy by Nature Pumpkin-Ginger sauce, Brooklyn Grange homegrown honey and hot sauce, Anarchy in a Jar Hot Fireman’s Pear jam, and a tea towel designed by local illustrator Claudia Pearson. The works of numerous local artisans are represented, and unique gift sets can be custom-curated as well. Looking for an e-commerce opportunity of your own? There’s plenty of inspiration to be found in the trades and traditions around you. And of course, as well as adding extra appeal, a locally sourced approach comes with its own logistical advantages as well. Spotted by: Kelly Nielsen



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