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From Estonia, water bottle band notifies users if they need to drink more

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Jomi Interactive has created a smart Bluetooth device that alerts users if they're not drinking enough water each day.

The Hygenix system has already provided health professionals with a solution for helping them remember to wash their hands regularly. Now Estonia-based startup Jomi Interactive has created a smart device that alerts users if they’re not drinking enough water each day. According to the UK’s Department of Health, the average person needs to drink around 1.5 liters of water each day to replace the fluids they lose through daily activity. With this in mind, Jomi has developed a band with sensors that fits around a bottle and detects how much water is in it. Using Bluetooth technology, the band sends this information to a companion app on the users’ smartphone throughout the day, calculating how much water they’ve had. If it senses that the user needs to drink some more, a notification is sent to their phone. Jomi has so far made plans for two versions of the device – one that uses a set of scales to weigh the water bottle and a smaller band that features an accelerometer to detect changes in the bottle’s contents – and hopes to fund them with a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. If Jomi’s creation can help keep consumers healthy by alerting them to potential dehydration, it could also potentially be used to tell drinkers when they’ve had too much alcohol, as well as other health uses. Could the same be done to fight obesity by helping people track the food they eat each day?



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