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From posh fixture to punk art: custom chandeliers

Property & Construction

Here’s a spotting that couldn’t help but catch our eye: Rock and Royal creates chandeliers with attitude, made to order. The company veers sharply away from the standard ring and crown shapes that adorn swank homes and hotels across the world. Fusing posh and punk, Rock and Royal’s chandeliers can take any shape—from champagne bottle to skull & bones. Based in The Netherlands, Rock and Royal was established in 2005 and works with artist Hans van Bentem to create unique light fixtures that are sold to wealthy patrons across the world. Their crystal chandeliers are priced from EUR 12,000 and take approximately two months to design and manufacture. It’s a fun example of taking a very traditional product and turning it into something fresh and newly desirable. Something to be inspired by, even if you don’t work in interior design? For more examples of ultra-exclusive goods and services, check out’s briefing on UBER-PREMIUM.



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