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From RSS feeds, a personalized PDF magazine

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All the world may be available online, but there’s still something undeniably attractive about the tangibility and portability of print. That’s where Tabbloid comes in, with a new service that converts RSS feeds into a printer-ready PDF document. Users of the Hewlett-Packard service begin by entering the URLs for their favourite RSS feeds, their email address and the schedule on which they’d like to receive their magazine–hourly, daily or weekly. Tabbloid will then compile the feeds and email the resulting personalized magazine to them in printer-ready PDF format. Just launched about two weeks ago, Tabbloid’s service is free, and no account registration is required. Who says paper is dead? Combine printability with a dash of personalization, and you just may have a winner–especially among travellers and those who simply like to feel what they’re reading. One to watch–and try out! (Related: Personalized in-flight magazinesPersonalized music mag.) Spotted by: Sasha Teken


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