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Business books served in bite sizes for e-readers

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Whether it’s burgers, brownies or popular books, consumers increasingly favour bite-sized portions. That fact apparently hasn’t escaped Pearson Education’s FT Press, which just launched a brand-new imprint offering a variety of condensed business classics and original essays packaged in pint sizes for e-readers. FT Press Delivers offers its new, controlled-portion content in the form of Elements and Shorts. Elements focus on one simple idea relating to work or life based on content from existing FT Press books, offering expert perspectives and solutions; they’re priced at USD 1.99 each for 1,000 to 2,000 words. Shorts, meanwhile, are original pieces published in partnership with New Word City that focus on business-oriented topics and lessons from some of the leading business thinkers today. Pricing on Shorts is USD 2.99 each for 4,000 to 5,000 words. Both formats are accessible via computer and electronic devices, including the iPhone, and are available via, and the Sony e-bookstore. More than 240 titles are currently available, from contributors including Jim Champy, Brian Solis, Michael Abrashoff and Seth Goldman; by year’s end, FT Press Delivers aims to be offering a total of 500 titles this way. “There are people who only want to access pieces of what you write,” Champy told the New York Times. “I don’t think they have an appetite for reading a long, serious business book.” Indeed, that’s snack culture at work, as our sister site would say, and it’s diminishing appetites for full-sized portions the world over. What can your brand offer to satisfy snack-minded consumers…? (Related: Music site offers updated playlists in 22 genresHealthy snacks, delivered by mail in serving sizes.)



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