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Functional food brand for pregnant women

Health & Wellbeing

A French company has developed a new line of food products for pregnant women. Dubbed Luna, the range consists of eight products made with organic ingredients, all aimed at ensuring women get the nutrients they need for a healthy pregnancy. Included are honey & sesame biscuits that are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and fibre; and a herbal infusion that promotes healthy circulation. While the benefits of dietary supplements continue to be contested by those who insist that a well-balanced and varied diet contain all the nutrients people need, nutraceuticals (also known as functional food) are big business. Surprisingly, we haven’t seen other brands target pregnant women with similar product lines, except for nutrition bars. Seems like a smart move by Luna. One to bring to a market near you? You might want to read female fever first,’s briefing on creating products and services for women. Spotted by: Eva Hasson



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