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Brand sends free, personalized recipes via Twitter


We’ve seen services that recommend recipes based on your cravings and even your face, but not until recently did we come across one that delivers recipes upon request via Twitter. Sure enough, however, Spanish food brand Gallina Blanca recently launched an initiative that does just that with free recipes tailored to the ingredients the consumer has on hand. Followers of Gallina Blanca’s “¿Qué cocino hoy?” service on Twitter simply send a tweet using the hashtag #quieroreceta and listing the ingredients they want to use. So, someone seeking a recipe that involves tomatoes, ham and carrots, for example, would tweet, “#quieroreceta tomates + jamón + zanahoria.” When it receives the tweet, Gallina Blanca then searches its database for an appropriate recipe and sends a link to it in a direct message to the user. If there isn’t a good option, the brand invites the user to try something different. Users can also request alternate suggestions by tweeting “#quieroreceta #otra.” Brand butlers can come in many forms — whether it’s a clean restroom when you need it or a ride to school for your kids — but this is surely the first one we’ve seen on Twitter. Be inspired! Spotted by: Leticia Pérez Prieto



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