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Game console gets kids outside

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Much like LocoMatrix, which we wrote about earlier this year, Swinxs is a new gaming system that encourages kids to get active and play outside. Swinxs offers a variety of games for kids ages 4 and up, all downloadable for free from the Netherlands-based company’s website. Included are traditional games like hide and seek as well as educational quizzes and games focused on adventure. Players wear colourful RFID wrist bands with microchips that communicate with the Swinxs console to start games and keep track of the player’s personal profile and scores. The Swinxs console talks (multiple languages are possible) and can explain games, as well as refereeing, cheering and keeping score. It can be used both indoors and out, and it runs on a long-lasting battery for enduring fun in the park, beach, garden or playroom. On the Swinxs website, meanwhile, new games, music and listening activities are available for download, and personal pages store player details such as scores, participants and games played. A software development kit (SDK) is also available that lets players or third parties create their own games for the system. Launched in April, Swinxs is currently available at The Beehive in Holland; pricing is EUR 149.95 including console, 4 wrist bands, USB cable, adapter and seven pre-installed games. A video on YouTube demonstrates the game in action. As developed nations continue their battle against childhood obesity, active games like Swinxs will increasingly have the support of parents and medical communities around the globe. One to bring to the rest of the world! Spotted by: Bjarke Svendsen



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