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Gamified data collection for healthcare clinics

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Tonic Health hope to make patient data collection more engaging and reliable by using a game-like iPad-based platform.

A few months ago we saw smartphone technology being used to help medical professionals record and share data with Mobisante. Now, Tonic Health hope to make patient data collection more engaging for patients and reliable for doctors, by using a game-like iPad-based platform. Tonic Health believe that switching from clipboards and paper forms to an interactive, game-like iPad interface is more enjoyable for patients, which therefore enables doctors to obtain higher response rates to surveys, better patient screening, and more accurate data, both cheaply and quickly. Healthcare providers can custom-build their questionnaires, surveys or in-take forms by selecting from a choice of templates, images, and questions relating to specific conditions. They can add their company logo, deploy the same survey to multiple iPads or host several surveys on one device. By testing on elderly and low-education patients, Tonic Health believe the platform is intuitive and suitable for everyone, even those without iPad experience. Data is transmitted wirelessly to an existing database so patient information is never stored on the iPad. Tonic Health is in use or coming soon at all five University of California medical centers. This video below explains Tonic Health in more detail: In industries where thorough and accurate data is imperative to the service provided, motivating customers to complete questionnaires by making them fun could benefit both customer and company. Inspiration here for your business?



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