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Gamified lessons via educational tablet helps kids learn

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Connected to an interactive knowledge base, Etisalat’s Cliqlite tablet helps children from eight to 15 access fun, in-depth lessons on a variety of subjects.

Developed by the United Arab Emirates telecommunications companies Etisalat, and launched in Nigeria, Cliqlite World is a mobile prepaid education service. Parents can choose different packages, with or without the accompanying tablet. Once registered, Cliqlite World offers thousands of approved textbooks, videos, practice questions and answers from previous tests.

A parental control app is preloaded, and families using other mobile services can easily move to the Etisalat service. Subscription costs are NGN 50 per day, NGN 150 per week or NGN 500 per month. Free credit is given on each child’s birthday.

Educators are increasingly adapting flexible work systems to teach students remotely. In Singapore, a mobile tech lab provides hands-on coding experience, and Ghana is using virtual classrooms to reach distant villages. How else could virtually connected communities help children learn?



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