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Gamified public speaking app helps users improve step by step

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RHETORIC-The Public Speaking Game is a board game and app that helps people improve their public speaking skills.

Like the love it or hate it reaction to Marmite, public speaking tends to be fairly divisive. Many people shiver with fear at the thought of speaking in front of an audience. Others get excited. No matter a person’s reaction, RHETORIC-The Public Speaking Game makes improving rhetorical skills fun.

Initially a board game, RHETORIC is now available as an app for both Android and iOS. With each roll of the dice, players have to speak about a specified topic for a certain length of time. The app is available in five languages – French, German, Catalan, Spanish and English – and costs CHF 4. The board game is sold by direct email request for CHF 65. Future versions of the game will offer additional languages as well as themes such as travel or family.

We have already seen a virtual reality platform that lets users practice public speaking. What other business skills could benefit from a more fun approach?



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