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Gamified receptionist for busy offices

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redpepper develop gamified, arcade-style receptionist using iCade that notifies host via Slack.

We’ve seen a few attempts to automate office greeting systems, such as this receptionist app. One of the key factors in this process is implementing a system that’s both effective and welcoming. redpepper decided to gamify the process with an arcade-style virtual doorbell system.

redpepper developed ‘door8ell’ using an iCade, an arcade cabinet which enables users to control iPads with a joystick. Upon entering, visitors can ping their host by scrolling through 8-bit versions of the office employees, much like the character selection page in games like Street Fighter. The host will then be notified via Slack. redpepper have posted the javascript for reprogramming the iCade interface, along with the code for integrating Slack.

In shared office spaces that lack receptionists, redpepper’s gamified approach provides visitors with an entertaining system. Could other greeting systems be gamified?



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