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Fitness app | Photo source Pixabay

Gamified running app simulates the gym class experience

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A new app uses coaching instruction, curated playlists and a points leaderboard to keep users motivated.

Exercise is a big business and we’ve seen an upward turn in a variety of workout-oriented innovations, whether that’s smart mirrors that track how body fat and muscle mass respond to training or a wearable that analyses sweat. Now a new app is aiming to bring the gym class experience to individual runners.

Studio simulates what users could expect in high-end gyms; the encouragement of experienced coaches and playlists tailored to the theme of the fitness class, but with the added benefit of being available at any time for when the user feels like exercising. The app has been designed to specifically be used on a treadmill, so that users can adjust speed and inclines according to the class they’re taking. While it is currently only available for iPhone users, users are offered a greater experience when running with an apple watch; this pulls biometric data that can then be fed into a ‘leaderboard’, bringing in a gamified competitive element that enables runners to compete with all previous users. Alongside the leaderboard is an integrated points system called ‘fitcoin’ that users earn by hitting certain distances or time targets, with their acquisition leading up through a series of ranking badges that appear alongside the users’ names on the leaderboard.

People are always going to want to keep fit and we’ve already seen a gym that features cloud-connected equipment, so what other benefits could users see from integrating a workout with technology?



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