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Consolidated storage space for product warranties

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Prompted by a satisfied customer who claimed he’d be even happier if he didn’t have to hold on to a piece of paper for five years to retain the warranty on his new espresso machine, Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen saw a gap in the market: digital storage for all of the guarantees and warranties that consumers accumulate alongside their purchases. Reisby Nielsen, a fourth-generation Danish retailer of cookware and home furnishings, launched the Garanti Hotel to help solve the common annoyance of product paperwork that piles up but can’t be found when it’s actually needed. Consumers who sign up with Garanti Hotel can upload their warranties and access them online whenever and wherever they’re needed—at home or when bringing in a product for repair. While retailers don’t have to participate in the scheme for consumers to save documents, Garanti Hotel is encouraging them to sign up in order to streamline the endeavour, ideally enabling stores to send documents straight to a consumer’s Garanti Hotel account. The company doesn’t sell warranties or get involved with the fine print; its sole purpose is to provide a consolidated storage space for buyer protection documents. The firm’s ultimate goal is to have a wide range of retailers offer Garanti Hotel as a valuable service to their customers, both in Denmark and internationally. Considering most stores have their own priorities when it comes to providing guarantees, it won’t be easy to persuade them to add another step to their sales process. However, considering the potential gains for consumers, this notion is one to look into if you’re in retail. Spotted by: Claus Schioldann von Eyben



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