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Jobs site focuses on finding & reviewing 'great bosses'

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It used to be that hiring sites focused primarily on objective information about the jobs they listed. Then the transparency movement set in, and sites like CareerTours, MedRecruit, Glassdoor and KODA increasingly began including more subjective considerations. Now continuing in that vein comes GetaGreatBoss, a South African site that aims to help workers find great bosses. Operating under the principle that “people join companies, but they leave bosses,” GetaGreatBoss facilitates reviews of managers by those best qualified to do so: the people who work for them. Both HR departments and managers themselves can initiate such reviews through the site, whether for honest feedback or to help recruit new employees to work for them. Employees are then emailed for their evaluation of the boss’s managerial style, and all feedback is kept anonymous; there’s even a way for managers to conduct a subsequent anonymous online conversation with the employees who reviewed them. The cost to initiate a review is USD 220, while for an extra USD 10 per month managers can keep an active link to the results for use with their resume. If, alternatively, a current employee reviews a manager and the manager then requests a full-fledged review from GetaGreatBoss, the employee earns a USD 50 commission; similarly, the same amount goes to recruiters and online job portals that include links to GetaGreatBoss reviews with their ads. Potential employees, meanwhile, can search GetaGreatBoss’s online job listings, each of which contains a link to the results of the review of the boss in question. There’s no doubt managerial style plays a key role in the employment equation—as do corporate culture, lifestyle preferences and countless other considerations. In this era of transparency triumph (see our sister-site’s latest briefing for more on that), smart companies are the ones that take pains to be as honest and open about as many factors as they can. Otherwise, the triumph may end up being their competitors’, and not their own! 😉



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