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Ice cream shop crowdsources its organic fruit

Food & Drink

It’s not often we see crowdsourcing applied to food products, and when we do—Yellow’s chocolate bar and Vitaminwater’s flavour contest both come to mind—it’s typically a matter of soliciting input on product development. Bringing the concept into the realm of the supply chain, New Zealand’s Giapo Gelato is now inviting consumers who grow organic fruit to sign up as suppliers for the store’s new “Giapo Certified Organic” line. Located in Auckland, Giapo Gelato serves up an all-natural line of healthful gelato and sorbets, with inventive flavours including Spirulina, Feijoa and Chili Chocolate. Earlier this week, it kicked off its new crowdsourcing effort to incorporate organic fruits supplied by the crowds. To be eligible for consideration, consumers must guarantee that no herbicides or pesticides have been used within the growing area of their fruit; samples will be randomly tested to ensure compliance. The price of the fruit supplied will then be calculated in current market prices, and Giapo will give suppliers free Giapo Gelato in return. Given the garden produce that tends to overflow each growing season, it’s a safe bet there are gardeners aplenty willing to exchange some of that abundance for free ice cream—not to mention a good status story and some (still) made here appeal. Next, who will find a way to help consumers unload all that excess zucchini…? 😉



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