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Gift recommendation service for adults without children of their own

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NeverMissGift provides suggestions for adults who need to buy presents for other people's children.

Apps such as Jifiti have marketed themselves at those who need to send gifts at late notice. But what if they don’t really know the person well or are an adult buying for someone else’s child? NeverMissGift aims to cater for exactly that demographic, providing suggestions based on the child’s details. Users signing up for the service register their information and answer a few questions about the child they’re buying for – such as age and gender – and what budget they’re looking at. Any number of children can be added to a user’s profile at any time, and NeverMissGift sends an email shortly before a birthday or special occasion comes up. The company recommends its top gifts matching the child’s profile and customers who are happy with the selection don’t have to do anything – the gift is automatically sent to them or the intended recipient. Otherwise, they have five days to choose one of the alternate suggestions or opt out of the service that time. The service offers personalized wrapping for those choosing to send the gift straight to the child. NeverMissGift caters for the specific market of 20-to-45-year-old professionals who may not have the time or aren’t familiar with shopping for children. Have you considered how targeting a niche market could work for your business? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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