Innovation That Matters

Girls' toys designed to inspire future female engineers and tech workers


The Roominate range of dolls' houses aims to get young girls interested in science and technology.

Children’s toys can have a purpose beyond pure entertainment, and there have already been products designed to help kids with autism and diabetes learn to manage their conditions. Now the Roominate range of dolls’ houses aims to get young girls interested in science and technology. It’s perhaps true that many women are turned off from STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects due to their reputation as largely male areas of expertise. The team behind Roominate believe that diversity in those industries – currently dominated by men – would be a good thing and that it is important to encourage girls early on to engage in science if they are to become the innovators of tomorrow. The company offers three kits that enable girls to build their own dolls’ house, design furniture and decorate the rooms, as well as powering lights and fans with electricity. The idea is that the toys are both fun and educational, with children gaining basic experience working with circuits. Kit options include original, suite and chateau sizes, priced at USD 59.00, USD 115.00 and USD 225.00 respectively. Roominate’s ambition is to provide a starting point for a culture change in an industry that will only grow in importance in the digital era. How else could girls be encouraged to see STEM industries as a potential path for the future? Spotted by: Florent Lesauvage



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