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One-stop giving to a personal portfolio of charitable causes

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The internet has made it easier for people to support their favourite causes, but with so many different organisations to choose from, the process of donating can be overwhelming. Texas-based non-profit aims to make charitable giving simpler by allowing donors to support all of their favourite organisations from a single location and with a single monthly payment. After completing the free registration, users set up their monthly giving budget and specify how and to whom it should be allocated. then takes care of the distribution—donations are aggregated from various subscribers into a single payment to the charity. Since ‘Givv-ers’ don’t subscribe directly to causes, they don’t have to deal with multiple payments, or with the requests for more donations that are typically associated with direct registration with a charity. It’s also easier to stop subscribing through than it would be to each individual charity. Donors can opt to make their ‘Givvlist’ public, and are able to submit other registered charities to the database, thereby boosting support for lesser-known causes. is a non-profit itself, taking no fees from transactions beyond their own payment processing costs. One to get involved in, or to emulate for a new model of convenient giving in your part of the world…? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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