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Glamour on the greens

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Proving that every industry can benefit from innovation, Eye Candy Caddies‘ mission is to make golf sexy. Similar to Models At Work, the temp agency that we wrote about last year, Eye Candy only works with models and other very pretty people. Caddies can be hired for GBP 150 and travel expenses, which covers 18 holes and an after-links drink at the club house. Not just eye candy, every caddy completes a special training program to learn the finer points of golf etiquette, including essential rules such as “Never laugh at a bad shot”, and “Encourage and applaud where necessary.” Appealing to a desire for glamour, prestige and a bit of fun, the service is a hit with corporate golf events. Considering the continued popularity of golf around the world, and the sport’s strong ties with business, whether for wooing clients or informally closing deals, glamour caddy services should take off in many markets. Nothing like an attractive caddy to distract from an imperfect swing. 😉 (Tip: is still up for grabs!)


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