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Global innovation spotlight: Norway

Global Innovation Spotlight

Norway Innovation Facts

Global Innovation Index ranking: 20th

Climate targets: Halve emissions by 2030, net-zero emissions by 2050

Sustainability issues

Oil and gas exports – The petroleum sector accounts for 40 per cent of Norway’s exports and 14 per cent of its GDP. And the government has stated that the sector will not be dismantled – even as the country targets net-zero emissions. While in many respects Norway is a sustainability leader, critics argue that it is effectively exporting its emissions abroad through its economic reliance on oil and gas.

Pollution in the fjords – The Norwegian fjords are recognised as a World Heritage Site. Yet popular spots are often crowded with tourist traffic – especially from cruise ships. This causes problems with local air pollution. In response the government has announced that the fjords will be emissions-free zones from 2026.

Marine conservation – 80 per cent of Norway’s population lives less than 10 kilometres from the ocean, and this puts pressure on valuable coastal waters. Main threats include fishing and aquaculture, shipping, oil and gas production, run-off from onshore industry, wastewater treatment, and marine litter.

Sector specialisms

  • Marine and maritime
  • Environment
  • Energy

Source: Innovation Norway

Three Exciting New Innovations From Norway

Photo source Jessica Lewis on Unsplash


According to the Norwegian Institute of Health, around one quarter of the global population will suffer from some form of anxiety during their lifetime. The best way to treat sufferers of this type of disorder is to expose them to the source of their anxiety. But for some forms of anxiety it is impossible to perform exposure therapy in a controlled setting. To tackle this, Norwegian startup Fornix, leverages virtual reality technology to expose patients to the object of their fear in a controlled way in the safe space of a therapist’s office. Read more.

Photo source Pixabay


Emissions offsetting schemes have become increasingly popular, however, they require adequate measurements to be taken with detailed data collection. Norwegian climate-tech company CHOOOSE has developed an API-driven climate tool that automatically calculates the carbon footprint of any consumer offering. Customers are then able to offset emissions associated with their purchases. Although not limited to the sector, CHOOSE’s technology has seen strong uptake in the travel industry – where environmentally-conscious travellers are seeking to address the impact of their itineraries. Read more.

Photo source Lauren Probyn on Unsplash


Seaweed does not require any fertilisation, pesticides or fresh water – which is what makes it an ideal candidate for bio-based materials. Using green manufacturing processes and renewably sourced biomaterials, Norway’s material science company B’ZEOS is working with global corporations to replace single use plastics with seaweed-based packaging alternatives. The formula for each type of packaging is tailored to its final use. Read more.

Words: Matthew Hempstead

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