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Global women’s network sets up in Dubai

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A global creative network for women that has just launched in Dubai.

According to an OECD report, last year women’s global average earnings were 11k annually, where men’s were 21k. In a world where the gender pay gap is still a very prominent issue, female networks are important. Earlier on this year, we wrote about a female only Silicon Valley network that supports women working in tech through mentoring. And just last week we looked at a feminist network in Brazil opening its first coworking space. SheSays is an established women’s network operating in 38 cities across the world and has just launched in Dubai.

SheSays is designed to support women in the creative and media industries and is the only global creative network for women. Set up by founders Alessandra Lariu and Laura Jordan Bambach, it offers a platform for women to reach the top roles traditionally dominated by men. SheSays offers free talks, seminars and mentoring to develop women’s leadership skills and confidence. In September, the organisation launched in Dubai lead by members Elizabeth Dewar, from Ogilvy and Amelia Richardson-Smith, from StartJG. Dewar explains the significance of the launch, “We all know we need more diversity at the top of our industry – on a global scale – but now it’s Dubai’s turn to take part in that conversation.”

Currently, the organisation counts a membership of around 40,000 women. As well as Dubai, the project is expected to launch in Hamburg and Bucharest. Are there other sectors that could benefit from a network like this?



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