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Global returns platform saves retailers time and money


ZigZag Global is an international ecommerce site that directs a retailer’s returned goods to the nearest warehouse and manages the entire process of resell.

Using a simple software plugin for a retailer’s website returns page, ZigZag Global manages the entire process in a way that cuts carbon emissions and speeds up the time it takes to resell stock. With warehouses in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and the United States, returns are directed to the nearest location, rather than sent back to the originating country. An additional 100 warehouses can be used if the main locations are farther away or if demand is higher elsewhere.

The ZigZag Global package includes an intelligent routing system that returns items for resale to the most relevant market. Retailers can choose from a variety of solutions, including having returned goods collected until there are enough to fill a pallet, thus reducing overall shipping costs. If ZigZag Global is able to resell an item, the revenue is shared with the retailer. Alternatively, if a retailer completes a sale for an item that has been returned, ZigZag Global will ship from the nearest warehouse, saving time and money for both customer and retailer.

Retail’s many facets make it an industry full of innovative ideas. Recent Springspottings include connected clothing that unlocks exclusive experiences and products and a pharmacy that charges a man tax to highlight the gender price and wage disparity. How else could supply chains be made more efficient and sustainable?



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