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Glove Love is a matchmaking service for lost and lonely gloves

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Glove Love couples single gloves from lost property boxes and handstitches them to create a brand new pair.

It’s always annoying when one of a pair of gloves becomes damaged or lost, essentially rendering the other one useless. We’ve already seen how Woolfiller can help breathe new life into woolen garments without the need for darning, and now Glove Love aims to solve the second problem, by coupling single gloves from lost property boxes, and handstitching them to create a brand new pair.

Having just launched a new website, the scheme accepts donations from both glove owners who have lost one and now have a useless spare, those who stumble across lonely gloves left in public spaces, and lost property offices who have amassed a collection of unclaimed items. Organized by nonprofit Do The Green Thing, the organization matches each glove it receives with the closest matching partner — firstly by size and shape, but also by materials and design. Each pair is then handstitched with a label detailing where each glove was rescued and sold online for a flat price of GBP 5, which goes towards supporting the nonprofit’s other green programs.

The initiative is already being supported by companies such as Transport For London and London’s Natural History Museum, who have extensive lost property offices. Are there other ways to give lost or abandoned items a new lease of life?



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