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GoPro firearm camera for law enforcement


The MagCam is an easily mounted camera and microphone for firearms, which aims to produce clearer evidence for gun-related incidents.

Following several high-profile and controversial police shooting fatalities in the US, we wrote about a panic button app that streams live videos to contacts in cases of police harassment. In an effort to produce clearer evidence in such situations, EMAN Security’s MagCam aims to kit out police officers with reliable camera equipment.

MagCam is a small camera and microphone that attaches to the bottom of a handgun’s magazine. Dash-cams and body-cams already used by US police forces have proved inconsistent due to view obstruction, but MagCam is hoping to film a direct view of the target at critical evidence points. Taking from GoPro functionalities, the camera is easily loaded and switched on, and data can be quickly uploaded after events. Following the expansion of video recording used by police forces, founder AJ Emanuele believes there’s huge potential for growth of firearm-mounted cameras that provide clearer evidence, which will protect both sides of the law.

Could similar technology be made mandatory for commercially available firearms to curb shooting offenses?



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