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Gravanity banking

Financial Services

Dutch bank the Postbank is offering customized ATM cards. Customers can upload a photo, edit it in the paskamer (fitting room) and receive their personalized, working bank card within six days. Soft launch for now: no advertising and lots of blog coverage. For a limited time only, the cards are free; they’ll be EUR 9,75 after the trial period. Creating a “My Postbank Card” automatically enters the cardholder into a contest. The winning card not only bags its creator a trip to New York, but will also be used in national billboards promoting the service. Allowing consumers to flaunt their adorable infant, prize-winning hamster or best holiday snapshot — in short, appealing to their gravanity, this should be an instant hit. Update | December 2005 A month later, over 100,000 Postbank customers in The Netherlands have ordered their own customized cards. Are you letting your customers get personal and creative?



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