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Gravanity dolls — Update

Fashion & Beauty

We featured gravanity dolls last year and the year before. It’s a concept that continues to spin off businesses, as witnessed by our most recent spotting from Sweden. TinyPocketPeople produces made to order dolls, based on digital photographs that customers upload to the website. The company was founded by two parents whose youngest daughter was starting day-care. To help make her feel safe and secure, they created mini versions of themselves that she could take with her. The concept spread by word of mouth, and it turned out the dolls weren’t just popular with children. Grandparents order pocket versions of their grandchildren and long distance couples order mini-me-and-yous. The dolls come in two sizes: small (21 cm / 8 inches, USD 48) and large (14 cm / 5 inches, USD 44). They’re made of 100% cotton, with a polyester stuffing. Washed sand is added for weight. TPP digitally prints photographs on fabric, and everything from shoe colour to clothes can be customized. After the customer’s photos and selected clothing are printed, the dolls are assembled by hand. Business opportunities? Start something similar, picking your own niche and gravanity targets: how about Mii dolls? Or pocket-sized pets? Or work with a major clothing brand, letting customers create a mini-me wearing pieces from the brand’s latest collection. Tiny Converse sneakers, mini Levi’s jeans, minute Threadless t-shirts… We’re sure you can come up with a fun and mutually beneficial partnership 🙂 Spotted by: David M.



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