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Gravanity & Mii


Taking advantage of the hype following the recent release of Nintendo’s Wii console, Mr Cloud’s T-Shirt Emporium lets customers order a t-shirt with their Mii printed on it. For those of you who haven’t yet gotten your hands on a Wii, a Mii is a user’s avatar—a 3D caricature that can be designed by choosing from a wide variety of facial and body features and colors. Miis serve as a player’s character when playing games. As Mr Cloud explains: “Much of the initial time on our newfangled Nintendo Wii was spent creating highly realistic Mii replicas of ourselves, our friends and many famous dead people. Wouldn’t it be fun, we thought, if our creations of ourselves could be proudly displayed on a t-shirt?” Customers can add Mr Cloud as a friend on their Wii, and then beam over their Mii using the Wii’s built-in send functionality. The Mii-shirts (GBP 19.99 / USD 35) are custom-printed and dispatched within a few days. Sounds like a fun and very now example of gravanity, and a neat low-cost business idea for Wiired t-shirt printers across the world, especially when Nintendo starts making more consoles available to countries outside North America and Japan. NOTE: We’ve received various alarming messages from people who paid for a Mii shirt but haven’t received the product. While we still think this was a fun business concept, we would advise you not to order one. Please also see the comments below.



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