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EV Rental Cars is the first US rental car company whose entire fleet consists of hybrid vehicles. The Los Angeles based firm doubled its fleet over the past two years, and now offers fuel-efficient wheels for rent in eight cities in the Western US through a partnership with Fox Rent A Car. Airport locations include Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Rentals are priced from USD 39/day or USD 215/week. Besides being able to travel with a cleaner conscience, soaring gas prices also mean that (business) travellers renting hybrids see less of a squeeze at the pump. Another benefit is that hybrid vehicles qualify for the carpool lane in California, even when the driver is the only occupant. EV Rental’s mission is “to provide the most technologically advanced environmental vehicles to the general public as soon as they are available, to educate the public and raise the awareness of the benefits of driving clean-fuel cars, and create a market for clean car technology”. The company claims to have prevented more than 100 tons of air pollution and to have passed on more than USD 1 million in fuel cost savings to its customers. Offering three different hybrids – Honda Civic, Toyota Prius and Toyota Highlander – travellers aren’t the only ones renting from EV: a weeklong rental is a popular way for prospective buyers to take an extended test drive. Following in the footsteps of hybrid taxis, this is definitely a concept that deserves to be copied across the world.



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