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Drivers Ed Direct aims to revolutionize the drivers education industry, by getting rid of “old cars, dimly-lit sterile classrooms and out-of-touch instructors”. Not only have the old cars been replaced by brand new cars, they’ve been replaced by gas-electric hybrids: the school’s entire fleet is hybrid. In addition to passenger cars (Toyota Prius), Drivers Ed Direct also offers behind the wheel training in hybrid SUVs (Ford Escape), since SUVs require special handling, and many teens will drive them as their first car. Founded by two life-long friends in California, Drivers Ed Direct isn’t just bent on teaching young drivers to be more environmentally aware. The company also believes that a high-tech approach is a far better way to reach teens. Instead of dull classroom lessons, driving theory is taught online, with no classroom attendance required. Which no doubt appeals to high school students who already spend enough time in class, and are extremely at ease online. The interactive, web-based program lets students complete the course at their own pace, and includes animated lessons designed like video games. As you may have guessed from our previous articles about hybrid taxis and hybrid rentals, Springwise is very much in favour of minimizing the environmental impact of driving. Creating a new generation of eco-friendlier drivers is a step in the right direction. One to copy to the rest of the world!



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