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Mobile garage makes any car greener

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Where Luscious Garage helps keep green vehicles operating smoothly on the road, Green Garage focuses on helping vehicles on the road be more green. Launched earlier this year, Colorado-based Green Garage specializes in “green-tuning” cars to run cleaner, greener and cheaper through sustainable, energy-saving automotive maintenance and repair products. The full-service company begins by bringing the garage to the customer’s front door with a valet service whereby it picks up a client’s car, green-tunes it and then drops it off again. For corporate clients, Green Garage’s Corporate Mobile Service Truck pulls into business parking lots with its mobile lift and is able to service many cars throughout the day. Either way, Green Garage’s “Carhugger” technicians use auto parts that save money by improving fuel efficiency and by reducing the frequency of services. Included in the garage’s services are an “Energy Intervention,” including preliminary diagnostics to see how to get the best out of the engine, as well as a 53-Point Systems Inspection that proactively identifies any preventive issues that may require maintenance. Green Garage has amassed a line of more than 60 sustainable products, chosen for their superior performance at solid waste reduction, CO2 emission, toxicity, water conservation, use of natural resources and social impact; included among them are non-leaded wheel weights and bio-diesel engine conversions, for example. Pricing for a basic “Drive Good” oil change package—including Green Garage’s High Performance Dual Stage Oil Filter, which is 10 times more efficient than regular oil filters and lasts 6,000 to 10,000 miles—is USD 69.95. That may be higher than average, but it will also save customers about USD 175 over 24,000 miles, the company says. Not only that, but drivers need only change the filter four times and the oil once during that 24,000-mile time frame. Customers who choose Green Garage also use 70 percent less oil, it says. Given where the automotive industry began on the sustainability spectrum, it seems safe to say there’s plenty of room for improvement, and that’s just what we’re beginning to see. Green Garage has launched in Boulder and Fort Collins, with plans to expand nationwide in 2011. One to partner with toward that end…? (Related: In-car ‘coach’ helps Ford drivers save fuelGreener driving with Fiat and Microsoft.) Spotted by: Travis Eagles-Soukup



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