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Sensors turn everyday activities into a game


All the world may have once been a stage, but today it’s becoming more of a game. We’ve already noted the gamification of everything from the mundane to-do list to public transport, and recently we came across GreenGoose, which aims to bring it to virtually any aspect of everyday life. Now in beta, GreenGoose seeks to help consumers have more fun doing everyday things. Toward that end, it’s gearing up to offer gaming apps along with kits including a wide array of sticky, wireless sensors and a base station to keep track of them. Consumers can stick a sensor on virtually anything — pet food scoops, frisbees and water bottles are some examples GreenGoose gives — and the base station will keep track of their use, awarding points in an online game each time a player performs a desirable activity. The company’s forthcoming Petagonia app, for instance, is a game that tracks dog walks, feeding and other activities associated with pet care. Each GreenGoose sensor offers a 250-foot range and includes a tiny battery that lasts a full year; they can also be recycled by the Oregon-based company when consumers are finished with them. To play using GreenGoose equipment, users simply need a broadband connection and a spare Ethernet port — used to connect the base station — on their router or hub. GreenGoose kits and games are not yet available, but interested consumers can sign up to be notified when they are. The increasing use of RFID technology is already giving consumers an taste of the Internet of Things. And in the case of Green Goose, using simple, networked sensors combined with a gaming element only adds to the appeal. One to watch! Spotted by: Justin Mitchel



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