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Building green habits, one step at a time

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Breaking a bad habit is never easy, but a little support can help. Much like Green Thing, which we wrote about back in 2007, Green Groove is a site that aims to help consumers create and stick to a plan to eliminate their unsustainable ways and embrace new, greener habits. Green Groove’s goal is to help consumers make “a phased withdrawal on catastrophic climate change.” Toward that end, the Idaho-based site invites visitors to take three initial steps to create their own, personal withdrawal plan. First, they choose their desired plan type, length and level of difficulty, including whether it’s just a personal plan or one that incorporates a household or family. Next, the site guides visitors to select specific weekly goals in four categories: auto, diet, home and lifestyle. Within the “home” category, for example, weekly goals might include replacing one old lightbulb with a compact fluorescent, or hang-drying at least one load of laundry. Third, visitors are then invited to put their weekly goals into the order they’d like to follow in accomplishing them, thereby creating their step-by-step action plan. A downloadable “Goal Tracker” widget is available both for Mac and PC, as are “Green Groove Participant” and “Green Groove Certified” website badges for those who are in the midst of or have finished their plans. With all the many external demands on consumers’ time and attention today, the need for support in making lifestyle changes seems greater than ever. Deliver that help in bite-sized portions, and you may just win some lasting support yourself! (Related: Nagging service for dietersA public incentive to stick to one’s goals.) Spotted by: Phillip Farris



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