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Group buying online for Indian real estate


We’ve seen the group buying model applied to all manner of different industries over the last few years, benefiting everyone from new parents to pet owners. Now we see the same tried and tested model applied to real estate, with India-based GrOffr. Working out of Mumbai, the company hosts group buying deals for automobiles, electronics, and, most interestingly, for real estate. Individual buyers state interest in the properties displayed on GrOffr, and then wait for other buyers to state a similar interest. All the properties listed specify how many interested individual buyers are needed for a deal to take place, and the website also shows how much money can be saved through a GrOffr deal rather than buying alone. All of the deals have termination dates, and if this date is reached before enough buyers come forward, the deal will be taken offline. Retailers hosting deals on the site, meanwhile, also benefit by selling properties sooner than they may have otherwise expected to. Most of the deals hosted on the website are sourced and set up by GrOffr, however the website also invites visitors to submit ideas for future deals. The platform has already acquired the daily deal site MobStreet, and has sold real estate inventory of more than USD 25 million. Group buying leads to discounts that benefit both buyers and retailers alike. Although it’s a model we’ve already seen applied to countless sectors, there’s still plenty of opportunity to find a new market near you. (Related: Broker creates local groups for collective solar purchasingOnline retailers install widget to enable group buying.)



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